Holy Name School Foundation

Expanding since 1994 through the Holy Name School, the Holy Name School Foundation Inc. has offered high quality, accessible and affordable educational opportunities to all.

In partnership with de La Salle Consultancy, Holy Name School Foundation has offered student sponsorship programs covering elementary through high school study levels. In terms of scholastic achievement, the Holy Name School has built a reputation for graduating the best performing grade school and high school students in the Davao Region.

We believe that education is not only the absolute requirement to defeat poverty but also that education is the only hope for the Philippines to be able to provide sustainable opportunity to our children and our childrens’ children.

By providing quality education with a focus on the needs of the country we help not only those we touch directly but also that our students touch across the World, thus assisting in livelihood development and poverty reduction in all corners of the Earth.

Senior High School K-12 Program

As we enter this third decade of operation, the Holy Name School Foundation is expanding its vision to include Senior High School Sections under the national K-12 program. These Senion High School Sections will prepare our students for entrepreneurship in the burgeoning Philippine tourism industry, both here on the island of Samal and far beyond.

Ideally located within to the tourist mecca of the Island Garden City of Samal, Holy Name School Foundation aims to utilize the resources of the island to prepare young people to become leaders in tourism, tour guiding and training in the sports of:

Few places in the Philippines are better suited to this task.

Vocational Training Courses: Tourism

From 2016, Holy Name School Foundation will be offering vocational training courses in tourism related subjects. By utilizing the school premises & resources as a base for operations during semestral breaks and embracing the natural resources of Samal Island, an expanded focus on tourism related vocational training courses will be offered to students from around the country and internationally.